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  • Enemies Spawn with the Beat of the Soundtrack

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  • 3 Pilots/Ships to Choose From

  • Dynamic Damage System

    Player ships can take damage to non-critical parts.  Damage to one or both wings will impair the flight controls, but a skilled player will be able to continue through the mission.

  • Bullet-Lite Shoot ’Em Up

    Spend more time shooting, less time dodging

  • Old School Rules

    No procedural generation for enemies or level creation

  • Non-Linear Level Selection

    Select and fly missions in the order you prefer.  Skip some missions entirely if you choose.

  • Multiple Endings

    Enjoy different endings based on the missions you choose

  • Unlock up to 5 Weapons

  • Select and Use 2 Weapons Simultaneously

  • Local 2 Player Co-Op

  • Full Controller Support

  • Super Attack

    Charge your super weapon by collecting energy containers and unleash it on the enemy hoard

  • Synthwave Soundtrack

  • Original Pixel Art

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